Kaila Mullady is a New York based performer – The 2015 World Beatbox Champion, the 2014 America Vice Beatbox Champion, 3x Loop station champion and 3x, reigning Beatrhyme Champion. Kaila performs all over the world infusing beatboxing, singing, rapping, poetry and theater to push the boundaries of creativity and show just what the human instrument is capable of. Multi-instrumentalist, using a RC 300 she is able to loop guitar, beatboxing and vocals to become a one woman band. Teaching workshops all across the country promoting reading, writing and finding your own soul music. Giving back to communities and volunteering is a big part of Kaila’s creative process.

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Find the power of your voice

Whether on stage in front of beatbox fans, in an auditorium speaking to students, or helping staff training at a corporate event, Kaila has seen the benefits of beatboxing and how it allows people to open up, work together and build listening skills, no matter what their musical skill level is. Kaila believes beatboxing is the perfect vehicle to allow audiences to come out of their shell and build confidence in their voice.

It's no secret that kids love to make sounds. We harness that passion and creativity to provide tools that children can use throughout their lives.

American Beatbox Champion Mark Martin and 2x World Champion Kaila Mullady team up to  teach in your school. They specialize in school assemblies focusing on confidence building, anti-bullying, inclusiveness, and how we can use creativity to overcome economic and social barriers. Assemblies include performance, as well as teaching the students (and teachers!) the fundamentals of beatboxing and creative vocalization.

Assemblies can be accompanied with focused intensive workshops with smaller groups of students, teaching the fundamentals of songwriting and telling your story. We work with the students to write a customized song about them and their school which we record and send back to you!

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“We can take what these kids were told they’re not good at, and then we give them superpowers,” Kaila said. “You could see the excitement on their faces.”